Plumas Extra Large Mexican Chimenea Fire Pit in Green
Plumas Extra Large Mexican Chimenea Fire Pit in Green
Plumas Extra Large Mexican Chimenea Fire Pit in Green
Plumas Extra Large Mexican Chimenea Fire Pit in Green
Plumas Extra Large Mexican Chimenea Fire Pit in Green

Plumas Extra Large Mexican Chimenea Fire Pit in Green

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    Why Buy From Patio Eden Ltd

        The Plumas is an authentic and original chimenea; handmade in Mexico using traditional methods to provide a genuine chimenea experience.

        Mexican chimeneas are the best functioning burners of all patio fires. Their structure and design, perfected over centuries in Central America make them the easiest chimeneas to light and the most efficient burners. No need for roaring fires, the clay becomes hot and radiates the heat.


        Fire has a practical and religious significance to the peoples of Central America. The present day inhabitants are the descendants of the ancient Maya and Aztecs. Fire offerings were a part of temple ceremonies and remain to this day an important ritual for focussing the intent of the participants on the spiritual deity.

        This extra large and traditionally styled chimenea is ideally suited to any size of patio and outdoor space, capable of large fires and comes with a tripod steel stand for excellent stability and a matching lid to keep out any rain.

        The Plumas model features the feathers of Quetzacoatl molded into the body- In Aztec mythology, he is the feathered serpent who will return at the end of times- and is hand painted in a rustic green and red.


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        • Colour: Rustic hand painted green and red
        • Construction Material: Chimenea and Lid made from clay
        • Stand Construction Material: Powder Coated Steel 
        • Dimensions: 55cm x 125cm high
          measured on stand with lid. The height of the chimenea without stand and lid is 85cm
        • Bowl Diameter: 50cm diameter
        • Extra Large chimenea capable of large fires for any size of outdoor space
        • Excellent design and burning function
        • Comes included with a highly stable tripod stand and matching clay chimney lid
        • Clay absorbs heat and acts as radiator
        • Featuring the feathers of Quetzacoatl molded into the body
        • No assembly required
        • A Mexican chimenea, made in Mexico



      • Free shipping is included directly from the supplier. Due to the unique nature of chimeneas, this item is shipped using a specialist courier service. Processing time before dispatch is 3 to 8 business days and delivery time is 1 business day.

        This item comes with a 30 day change of mind return and refund policy (must be unused, excluding return postage). 

        Please see our shipping and returns pages for full details or get in touch if you have any questions.


            • This is a genuine Mexican design handmade by craftsmen in Mexico. Use your clay chimenea for warmth and outdoor cooking. It is beautiful to look as a garden decoration.

            • It is important you observe the instructions and maintenance recommendations. Not all fuels and lighting fuels can be used in Mexican chimeneas and they will need protection from the weather.
            • Clay chimeneas are like outdoor radiators, the clay is heated by the fire and gentle warmth will radiate out. It is not necessary to make a large fire, one or two logs is sufficient.

            • You can cook on clay chimeneas. The belly acts like an oven, so barbecuing or cooking a pizza is quick and easy, so is using any of long-handled tools. Cast iron pots specifically designed to fit into the top of the funnel cooking stews and soups quickly are available.

            • Clay chimeneas are fragile, so care needs to be taken to avoid damage. Clay chimeneas may CRACK, CHIP OR BREAK if dropped or knocked over or due to thermal shock or if left outside in the frost.

            • Due to their unique nature, traditional chimeneas do not come with a guarantee because longevity of service is greatly affected by their correct use and operation.
            • A traditional chimenea can give many many years of service and enjoyment if treated properly but could also crack on the first use if fired negligently- for most this this is all part of the appeal however!

            • The maintenance page provides guidance on taking care of your chimenea.

            • However, if you are looking for a chimenea that offers care free operation and peace of mind we highly recommend our Asteria and Sempra ranges which are made from advanced Chimalin AFC.

            • Frost damage may occur when clay chimeneas are left outside in the winter without protection or a cover. Clay is a porous material and absorbs water. If the chimenea is water sodden and the temperature drops to below zero degrees Celsius, the water inside the clay will freeze, expand and the clay can crack.
            • Protect your chimenea with a weather proof cover, this keeps the chimenea dry and protected from wind driven dirt and insects, plus a cover will reduce frost damage, but best is to bring it inside out of the frost, for the winter. There is an optional cover available when purchasing this chimenea.

          See our Usage and Maintenance Guide for full details.

          See our Safe Operation Guide for details on operating your chimenea safely.