Aestrel Large Mexican Celtic Fire Bowl
Aestrel Large Mexican Celtic Fire Bowl
Aestrel Large Mexican Celtic Fire Bowl
Aestrel Large Mexican Celtic Fire Bowl
Aestrel Large Mexican Celtic Fire Bowl
Aestrel Large Mexican Celtic Fire Bowl

Aestrel Large Mexican Celtic Fire Bowl

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    Why Buy From Patio Eden

        The unique Aestrel fire bowl is handmade in Mexico using traditional methods and features a beautiful Celtic themed knot design.

        Mexican chimeneas are the best functioning burners of all patio fires. Their structure and design, perfected over centuries in Central America make them the easiest chimeneas to light and the most efficient burners. No need for roaring fires, the clay becomes hot and radiates the heat.

        The Edyth features an interpretation of the Celtic knot in the design. The Celtic knot is representative of the future and the past being woven into the present.

        This fire pit is hand painted in a rustic earthly brown.


        Free delivery is included and takes 4 to 9 working days, including processing time.

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        • Colour: Rustic earthly brown
        • Construction Material: Fire pit made from clay
        • Stand Construction Material: Powder Coated Steel 
        • Dimensions: 48cm x 65cm high measured on stand 
        • Bowl Diameter: 48cm diameter
        • Attractive and original celtic design- a feature in your garden
        • Excellent burning function
        • Comes included with a highly stable tripod stand 
        • Clay absorbs heat and acts as radiator
        • Features a Celtic knot design molded in the body
        • No assembly required
        • A Mexican chimenea, made in Mexico



      • Free shipping is included and you will receive an immediate email confirmation when you place your order.

        Due to their unique nature, chimeneas are delivered using a specialist courier service. Processing time before dispatch is 3 to 8 business days and delivery time is 1 business day. You will be emailed your delivery date as soon as it is confirmed.

        This item comes with a 30 day change of mind return and refund policy (must be unused, excluding return postage). 

        Please see our shipping and returns pages for full details or get in touch if you have any questions.

      • What type of fuel can be used with chimeneas?
        Clay chimeneas can be fueled with wood logs or charcoal. Wet wood creates a lot of smoke so we recommend using seasoned or kiln dried wood.
        Chimeneas can also be used to burn garden refuse such as leaves or branches.

        Does a larger fire mean more warmth?
        No, in fact a large fire is not necessary at all; one or two logs is sufficient. Clay chimeneas are like outdoor radiators, the clay is heated by the fire and gentle warmth will radiate outwards.

        Can I cook on a chimenea?
        Yes! The belly acts like an oven, so barbecuing or cooking a pizza is quick and easy. Specifically designed pots to fit into the funnel, grills and long handled pans and tools are all available here.

        Do I need a cover for my chimenea?
        A weatherproof cover is highly recommended. This will keep your chimenea dry and protected from wind driven dirt and insects, plus a cover will reduce the likelihood of frost damage. We recommend making sure that the chimenea is dry (and cool!) before fitting your cover. A cover for this chimenea can be selected as an optional extra above. 
        The alternative is to bring your chimenea inside during colder periods.

        Can cracks in the clay be repaired?
        Smaller, non-structural cracks can be repaired using Chimenea Filler after which the chimenea can continue to be used. Chimenea Filler can be purchased here.

        What are lava stones for?
        Before lighting your chimenea we recommend putting 50 mm/ 2 inches of lava stones in the bottom to protect the base from direct heat and therefore the potential to crack. Lava stones can be selected as an optional extra above; one bag is enough for one chimenea and they can be used time and again. An alternative is to use sand or gravel.

        How do you light a chimenea?
        A chimenea should be started with the lid removed for better air flow and to graduate the temperature change.
        Before lighting your chimenea we recommend putting 50 mm (2 inches) of lava stones or sand/ gravel in the bottom to protect the base from direct heat.
        Start the fire with balled newspaper, dry kindling or ocote sticks first but never use petrol or spirit based lighting fuels.
        Allow the fire to build gradually by slowly introducing one or two logs. Chimeneas only require one or two logs at a time for optimal heating output.
        The first 2 or 3 fires of a new chimenea should be small to allow the clay to cure.

        Full operating instructions can be found in our User Guide.


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