Usage and Maintenance Guide- Chimalin AFC

Maintenance Instructions

  • The chimenea has excellent combustion so will leave very little ash residue, what ash remains can be removed by carefully upending the chimenea so the ash falls out of the funnel.
  • With use the glaze on your Chimalin AFC chimenea will change and discolour, and there will be blackening around the mouth or rim. The bigger the fires, the faster the finish will change.
  • The stand is made from steel and will rust. To reduce the likelihood of rusting bring the chimenea and stand inside or protect with a weatherproof cover. Ideally, bring inside for the winter. Stands can be repainted.
  • Rust runs may mark flooring, slabs, and patios, so if you are worried about marking, protect your flooring.
  • A discoloured chimenea on a rusty stand is still fit for purpose and can continue to be used.

Winter Storage

  • Frost damage may occur when clay chimeneas are left outside in the winter without protection or a cover. Clay is a porous material and absorbs water. If the chimenea is water sodden and the temperature drops to below zero degrees Celsius, the water inside the clay will freeze, expand and crack the clay.
  • Protect your chimenea with a weather proof cover, this keeps the chimenea dry and protected from wind driven dirt and insects, plus a cover will reduce frost damage, but best is to bring it inside out of the frost, for the winter.ย 

Instructions for your Chimalin AFC Chimeneaย 

  • Chimeneas are like outdoor radiators are heated by the fire and gentle warmth will radiate out. It is not necessary to make a large fire, two or three logs are sufficient.
  • ALWAYS REMOVE the lid off the funnel when firing the chimenea, failure to do so will increase the temperature inside the chimenea and may cause the chimenea to crack or blow the lid off.
  • Chimalin AFC chimeneas are fragile, so care needs to be taken to avoid damage, it may CRACK, CHIP OR BREAK if dropped or knocked over.
  • To avoid dropping or knocking the chimenea over, handle the chimenea with care at all times. Do not let go of the chimenea, particularly on hard floors, but lower it gently so there as little impact as possible. Dropping a clay chimenea, even from 5 cm/2 inches height may break, crack or chip it.
  • If transporting in a car, make sure it is not allowed to move around, we recommend attaching securely or packing.
  • High winds may tip the chimenea over, so be mindful of where it is situated and how to avoid this. Similarly, do not bang in to the chimenea with hard or heavy objects.
  • Do not throw fuel into a clay chimenea, impact may crack the clay or tip the chimenea over.
  • Do not drag or move a chimenea on the stand, it may fall off and break. To move a chimenea, lift it off the stand, reposition the stand, and lift the chimenea back on.
  • Special care should be taken with chimeneas with a removable funnel, remove the funnel to a safe place before attempting to relocate the bottom bowl.
  • Do not over-fuel the chimenea, if flames are coming out of the funnel, do not add more fuel.
  • Use dry wood logs or charcoal fuel. Wet logs will create a lot of smoke, use dry seasoned or kiln dried wood to minimise smoke. You may burn smokeless fuel in a Chimalin AFC chimenea.
  • You can cook on chimeneas. The belly acts like an oven, so barbecuing is quick and easy, so is using any of long-handled tools. Cast iron pots specifically designed to fit into the top of the funnel to cooking stews and soups quickly are available.
  • Protect hands with FIRE GLOVES when adding fuel. The more fuel is added, the more intense the heat, the larger the flames. Do not over-fuel the fire. Use a POKER to reposition logs.
  • If the fire is slow to start, more air will help, use a BELLOW to blow extra air into a slow fire.
  • To remove the labels on your chimenea, simply soak with water, leave to stand for 10 minutes and then remove by scraping gently. Alternatively, the label is likely to burn off with the first firing.





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