Safe Operation of your Chimenea


Please read the following instructions and recommendations. Exercise CAUTION at all times for the safe enjoyment of your chimenea. Always follow the user instructions, failure to do so may result in personal injury or damage to property. Please remember you are dealing with a real fire.

    • PLACE your chimenea on a FLAT surface, NOT on a sloping surface where it might tip over.
    • This should be a NON-FLAMMABLE surface such as stone, gravel or bricks. Do not place on grass which may turn brown.
    • DO NOT PLACE ON DECKING which may be damaged. You can protect decking with a FLOOR PROTECTOR or use bricks or concrete slabs.
    • DO NOT place your chimenea near bushes or plants or under trees, the heat will damage the leaves and is a fire risk.
    • DO NOT place your chimenea under an awning; it will burn or melt.
    • DO NOT place your chimenea near garden furniture, especially made of fabric or woven plastic, which may melt or catch fire. We recommend at least a one metre/ three feet minimum distance.
    • DO NOT make a real fire inside a conservatory, summer house or garden shed. Chimeneas burning wood, coal or charcoal can only be used outside because fumes and gases from the fire are poisonous and dangerous to health. Carbon monoxide gas has no colour nor odour and is deadly.
    • DO NOT touch the chimenea when burning, the surface is hot and you will burn your fingers. Protect your hands with a FIRE GLOVE. We recommend that gloves are used at all times.
    • DO NOT allow pets near the fire.
    • DO NOT allow children especially small children to be near, playing or running around the fire. We recommend the use of a fire guard to prevent young children from getting too near.
    • DO NOT over fuel the chimenea. If flames are coming out of the top of the chimenea, then the fire is too large!
    • DO NOT PANIC if fuel falls out of the chimenea or for any reason flames spread out from the fire, simply extinguish spreading flames with earth, sand or water or use a FIRE BLANKET to smother the flames. DO NOT throw water on a real fire other than in an extreme emergency.
    • DO NOT use petrol or paraffin to start the fire. The best method is balled newspaper and dry kindling, such as OCOTE sticks. The best fuel is dry wood.
    • NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CHIMENEA UNATTENDEDย doing soย may result in the fire spreading out of control and damageย to property. Please ensure the fire is completely out before leaving the chimenea unattended.
    • DO NOT attempt to move any real patio fire while the fire is burning.
    • We advise against using a real patio fire when it is windy. Strong wind may TIP OVER a chimenea which is a fire risk. Wind may disperse burning material, which is a fire risk, particularly if the surroundings are very dry.
    • CHECK local ordinances/ by laws to conform with fire risk prevention.
    • PLEASE be a good neighbour and be reasonable using your chimenea, keep smoke and noise to a minimum.



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